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Teeth Whitening

Improving your smile with teeth whitening can take years off your appearance
and provide you with a more youthful smile. You have probably thought about brightening your smile with teeth whitening. At River Valley Dental we know that this is a common concern for our patients.

Over time teeth become discolored from foods, beverages (like coffee, tea, and soda) or from habitual tobacco use. Other contributing factors may include childhood medications or diseases, or improper dental hygiene.

Whatever the cause, our dental team can help. We use an array of teeth whitening systems from gel-activated solutions to deep bleaching. One of them is the right system for your whitening needs. If you’re looking for whiter teeth and a healthier smile nothing could be easier than teeth whitening procedures. We are happy to discuss your options and incorporate them into your individualized treatment or makeover plan. Contact us for a whitening consultation or to answer any questions you may have.  

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